Ex.Fm Projects

I love Ex.Fm - since discovering the site a couple of years back my music listening experience has been transformed

Spring Social Ex.Fm

I've started a spring-social-exfm module which can be used as a Java client to the Ex.Fm API

The Java client provides access to Ex.Fm's API operations which don't require user-authorization, or by constructing the client with userId/password parameters can access operations on behalf of a specific user

Ex.Fm OAuth API Proxy

Spring-Social-ExFm is a spring-social module and the real power of spring-social comes when interacting with an OAuth API, where instead of a username/password being required, the user authorizes an application on the third party site and this generates an access token which can be used for operations requiring user-authorization

As Ex.Fm don't currently have an OAuth API I've started to write an OAuth Proxy to Ex.Fm's API which I can use in my own applications - this proxy mimics the behaviour that would be seen if Ex.Fm did provide an OAuth API and means that I can provide "login with Ex.Fm" functionality within my own websites in the same way as I can provide login with other OAuth providers such as SoundCloud and Last.Fm

CloudPlaylists Projects

CloudPlaylists is a beta website which showcases a number of the music-related projects I've been working on - allowing SoundCloud tracks to be organised into Playlists. Users of the site can connect with Last.Fm, SoundCloud or Ex.Fm to pull in their music collections

cloudplaylists.com (beta)

I launched an initial version of CloudPlaylists when I first started building Spring Social Modules


I've recently opened up the API for the functions provided by CloudPlaylists.com

Spring Social CloudPlaylists

A spring-social module acting as a Java client to the CloudPlaylists API and allowing sites to use CloudPlaylists as a service provider within Spring Social enabled webapps


The next version of CloudPlaylists.com built using more recent open source modules such as Spring-Social-Security, Spring-Social-ExFm, Spring-Social-SoundCloud and Spring-Social-LastFm

Spring Data DynamoDB

Simplifies the development of creating an Amazon DynamoDB-based data access layer, using the Spring Data framework


Spring Social Security

Bridging between Spring-Social and Spring Security, spring-social-security allows websites using Spring-Social modules to delegate the authentication of their application to SaaS providers, and allows a fine-grained permissioning model to protect local resources based on connectivity status with third party APIs

Spring Social Last.Fm

Spring Social Last.Fm is a Java client for Last.Fm's API and a Spring Social module allowing "login/connect with Last.Fm" functionality to be easily added to Spring Java applications

Spring Social SoundCloud

Spring Social SoundCloud is a Java client for SoundClouds's API and a Spring Social module allowing "login/connect with SoundCloud" functionality to be easily added to Spring Java applications